The Advantages Of Using Vaping As A Quit Tool To Smoking

It is almost 100 percent certain that you would have heard about vaping in the past, either from movies, a friend, or family members. It is believed that vaping helps smokers quit their smoking habit and serves as a way to help you replace nicotine content with other chemicals that are considered safe for your body. However, the outcome of the research of how safe vapes are has a twist because leveraging on black market vape can produce more harm than good.

Besides, if e-cigs aren’t used appropriately or contain unapproved liquids, they also carry health risks. This piece will explore how vaping works, the advantages of intending smokers to gain from vapes as an alternative to smoking, and the varieties of e-cigs available at

Vaping: How Does It Work

E-cigarettes are devices powered with batteries that release flavored contents informing smoke heated from a liquid state by the device’s heating coil. As against the traditional cigarettes lit by a normal fire and burn more than 7000 chemicals harmful to your body.

The combination of chemicals released by traditional smoke is considered unhealthy and detrimental to health. With this in mind, e-cigs have been developed to contain lesser chemical combinations. Still, those combinations can negatively affect your health if you use the contaminated chemical composition in your vapes.

For some time back, vapes have become safer options for smokers who are willing to quit smoking. However, it isn’t as simple as you might have thought it would be because there are some tweaks you must adhere to for you to be on a safer side as a user.

The Promising Side Electronic Cigarettes Offer

Through some research carried out in 2019, about 20 percent of participants who use e-cigs quit their smoking habit in a year. Furthermore, the participants who use other nicotine replacements in their vapes gradually quit smoking.

Although their number was about 9 percent, it was also a huge success and break-free. About 70 to 75 percent of the e-cigarette smokers were still vaping after a year of research compared to the 9 percent of the individuals who replaced nicotine in their vapes. This shows that smokers who intend to quit can safely and quickly quit by using vapes as an alternative and preface nicotine content in their vape with other less addictive recommended substances.

E-Cigarettes Can Become More Addictive

In another study in 2019, it was discovered that e-cig smokers could be considered dual smokers because they can choose to smoke both traditional cigarettes and electronic devices. Unfortunately, these dual smokers tend to be more dependent on a high nicotine volume than regular conventional smokers. Furthermore, the convenience e-cigs offer makes it often for the users to travel around with it smoke in any environment they find themselves in, which tentatively makes it very difficult to quit.

Meanwhile, the varieties of flavors and the ease of modification of the cartridges make it challenging, difficult to avoid, and popularly accepted among teens. However, if used under proper supervision, it is the best alternative to quit smoking and become clean.

E-Cigarettes Contains Fewer Chemicals

As against the traditional cigarettes that contain more than 7000 chemical substances that can damage your brain and lungs, e-cigs have a reduced chemical. The e-cigs are known to be a harm reduction device for smokers but contain chemicals like vitamin E acetate, which is dangerous for users who live with certain health issues. Moreover, modified e-cig that isn’t approved by primary manufacturers are dangerous to your health.

Additionally, vapers are saved from the damages of combustion and burning of active toxic chemicals in traditional cigarettes if they switch to vaping. These benefits also become a means of advocacy for e-cigs as they rescued the harmful exposure of traditional cigarettes which is always harmful to the body.

There are many safety issues that are associated with traditional smoking but with the help of e-cigs, many of those safety issues have been eradicated. Although when switching to vaping you must be conscious of what chemical substance you are ingesting. More so, the volume of hits procured by this device should be appropriately regulated.


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