Challenges Facing CBD Products

Because of the CBD discovery, Marijuana is becoming a welcoming name in most households and shops. This is because of the significant benefits it has in the health industry.

Even though the CBD market is exploding, it is still tricky for entrepreneurs and consumers. Still, even without proper regulation, consumers hope the CBD products will do everything they claim, for instance, relieving pain, anxiety, and even depression.

While there are legit CBD products like, consumers still buy low-quality products despite the lack of regulation. Let’s look at the main challenges in CBD products.

Some Contain Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana

Are you new to the land of CBD products? Be aware of counterfeit products that pose as accurate and end up causing harm to your health. According to some reports, it was evident that CBD edibles and vapes contained K2 or Spice, which are synthetic Marijuana.

Even worse after the report is that those products are posing to have CBD did not contain any trace of CBD. Therefore, consumers are warned to avoid buying CBD products from peddlers, truck stops, and even convenience stores. This way, you will be avoiding the risk of getting the dangerous fake Marijuana being sold as CBD.

May Contain THC That Can Fail a Drug Test

According to, it is evident that some CBD products contain traces of THC; the Marijuana causes intoxication that can fail someone on a drug test. Failing a drug test is a significant issue for athletes because their career depends on their body health and fitness.

Because of the lack of regulation, many CBD products are being sold containing THC. It is just more reason to purchase CBD from a trustworthy dealer than a street convenience store. If you want CBD for medicinal purposes, then you should get the products from companies with CBD’s therapeutic abilities in mind.

Wrong Dosage

Because of the variety of products, customers can buy CBD products that have the wrong or no dosage at all. The inadequate dosing could be on the labels of the products when you purchase.

Because of no regulation, it has become hard for consumers to trust CBD products. Manufacturers are giving wrong dosing for their selfish reasons, such as reducing their use to make many.

Still, others could give high dosing, thinking that the effect would be better and quicker than usual. This can be dangerous as the body may not be able to handle the high level of CBD.

Moreover, some products have no dosage at all. Well, it is better than indicating a wrong dosage; however, it still has its downside. Without a dosage, the consumer takes it upon themselves to self-dose. This is a risky move as they are likely to under-dose or over-dose to cause health complications, especially medicinal CBDs.

Even though there’s much hype on CBD products, it would be best to use them when needed. Therefore look for expert advice on the best in the market for your intended reason. Besides, it is also okay not to use CBDs.


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