How Long Will A Coronavirus Vaccine Take

There is no vaccine yet for Covid-19, although scientists worldwide have been working towards it. Those who are infected can only depend on supportive care to relieve their symptoms.

How Can a Vaccine Help?

When a person gets infected with a bacteria or virus, his body will make antibodies to fight off the disease. A vaccine contains the weakened or dead form of a particular germ. It helps the body to produce antibodies against that disease. The vaccine can thus prevent you from getting the disease or make the illness much milder. Similarly, a Covid-19 vaccine would build a person’s immunity to the condition and prevent him from getting it. Fewer people would get infected. There would be fewer deaths.

How Is A Vaccine Developed?

Before the scientists acknowledge a vaccine, scientists need to develop it. They have to find something to cure or prevent the disease. Then they test the vaccine on lab animals like mice. If they are successful, they can go on to clinical testing. During this phase, scientists test vaccines on humans. If the FDA approves of it, the vaccine can go into production. The scientists keep a close watch on the vaccine’s functioning to see if it is safe and if it causes any side effects.

The Progress of the Coronavirus Vaccine

It takes years of research and development and testing for any vaccine to come into the market. However, scientists have been able to work with the knowledge of the coronavirus’s previous strains, which has helped them proceed faster.

Some vaccines are in trial right now and use mRNA. This instruction helps to make the spike protein that enables the virus to enter the human cell. It forces the immune system of the vaccinated person to produce antibodies and fight the infection. It helps the person to get some immunity from the disease.

Some scientists also use DNA to force the immunity response in the individual.

Some companies are waiting anxiously for a vaccine to pass the test to mass-produce a lot of them.

Some experts believe that the coronavirus might be seasonal. In that case, having a vaccine ready before the next season arrives might be crucial.

How Long Will It Take To Have The Coronavirus Vaccine?

Experts worldwide say that this particular vaccine could take about a year to come into the market. While scientists have completed phases one and two in some laboratories, step three is still left. Phase three shows how safe and effective a vaccine is, and this phase lasts about 6-9 months. Scientists cannot rush the stage as it is the most critical phase in developing the vaccine. If we do not know how safe or effective a vaccine is, how will we use it? The vaccine will be of no use to us. However, scientists feel that they can achieve results faster if they perform clinical trials in high-risk areas.


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